Dirty Internet

Dirty Internet

On Wednesday Amazon announced its newest product, Fire TV. They claim it is the fastest, cheapest and largest network of movies in the world. No longer will you have to wait an excruciating 10 seconds for a  movie to load, it will begin instantly.

Now, you can start watching a movie on your smart phone, and seamlessly finish it on your television – no lengthy and boring fast-forward required!  It has watch lists and personalized recommendations, time limits (for those with children) and all for a price that is lower than its competitors.

Essentially, Fire T.V. knows more about what you want to watch than you do!

What’s the catch?

Amongst all this noise and ‘new product excitement,’ a different piece of Amazon related news dropped on Wednesday. And it smells.


Did you know that if the ‘wireless cloud’ that makes up the internet was a country, it would be the sixth largest user of electricity in the world? That puts its electricity consumption ahead of both Germany and Canada.


On Wednesday, the same day that Amazon Fire T.V. was announced, Greenpeace released a report on Green and Sustainable Internet.


The report, titled ‘Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet’ is its annual report on the energy efficiency of Internet companies. It highlights the power consumption of the worlds’ biggest technology companies, and how much power they need to provide their customers with service.

Internet users are expected to hit 3 billion worldwide in 2014.


Many internet companies got an excellent review in this report. In fact, Apple , Facebook and Google were praised for their transparency and their commitment to the goal of using 100% renewable energy. This is especially amazing when you consider that Apple received a failing grade just two years ago.

Other companies, like Box  Inc., Rackspace Hosting Inc. and Salesforce.com Inc. were also acknowledged as making efforts to become more green.


Although and Oracle and Twitter got very low scores, Amazon.com was slammed with a Failing Grade and singled out in the report. According to the report, Amazon is choosing how to power their company based only on lowest electricity prices, ignoring how this impacts human health and the environment. It provides zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any outside source.


“Amazon Web Services, which provides the infrastructure for a significant part to the internet, remains among the dirtiest and least transparent companies in the sector.”  Clicking Clean: How Companies are creating the green internet


As for what can be done to encourage Amazon and the rest to look to greener horizons? Well, that is up to the consumer. A company that is driven by the bottom line will respond to one thing most of all; profits. Greenpeace is making plans now to begin a campaign to pressure Amazon customers like Netflix and Spotify to move to other, greener, providers.

Whether or not Amazon will follow in Apples footsteps, or continue to throw away Green ideals will remain to be seen.


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