Featured Candidate: Meet Christine

Meet Christine, a User Experience (UX) designer for the Digital Revolution. A self-starter who’s had a lifelong fascination with the digital marketplace, she brings both empathy and passion to each of her designs.

“Innovative designs don’t happen in a vacuum. You need research, resourcefulness and the ability to take an empathic stance towards both the group you’re designing for, and the people you work with,” says Christine.

An expert in User Experience, research and design, Christine has always been the point person in her career. That career has carried her from simple beginnings designing layouts at her high school newspaper, to winning the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as a young person, to most recently being on the winning team as a UX designer at the November 2013 Hacking Health event at MaRS.

Given all this, it’s obvious that Christine follows her own advice and does not keep her talents in a vacuum.

“I’m always pushing myself to learn more. I’m interested to see how Digital tech will further change businesses in the future. I always have my ear to the ground for local conferences with a UX focus.”

Her undergraduate degree was in business, specializing in human resources.  She went on to get a graduate certificate in Interactive Digital Media. That may seem like a broad term, but she kept a strong UX focus in all of her projects.

Her final project in this program was a business case for a wearable Technology bracelet and iOS App. Its purpose was to help users practice mindfulness, and gain awareness of their stress levels. Since wearable technology is the hot buzzword right now, it’s seems that Christine is ahead of the curve.

She has also worked in the Non-Profit sector, and is proud of her time with the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta.

As for the future, she is fascinated and excited by the challenges it may bring.

“I want to see where UX takes me, especially to more senior roles. I’m particularly excited about the advancements between digital technology and health care. I think the challenge will be, for us as designers, and more broadly as people to maintain an empathic and compassionate approach to life, even as our surroundings become increasingly machine-like.”


Want to be a featured candidate yourself? Send us a message on our LinkedIn group, here or on Twitter @pfourdigital



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