Oh No, Oh Yes – I have an Interview


Chances are your 1st interview was with a Recruiter.  They should have given you all sorts of tips about the Company, the Interviewer, the Job.  This may have included a practice interview to help you relax.  Don’t forget the recruiter wouldn’t have requested an interview for you if they didn’t think you were qualified.  Remember you aren’t on trial.  The recruiter is like your tutor (didn’t we all have one for calculus!!)  They have opened the door, now it is your turn to shine.



Let’s talk about the easy things:

  • Dress appropriately, depending on the job you may only need to wear a nice pair of pants/skirt and a crisp clean shirt/blouse.  Or depending on who you are meeting, ie the CEO – you may have to dry clean your old suit.
  • Don’t wear too much perfume or cologne.  What if your interviewer is sensitive/allergic to it.
  • Be on time – actually be EARLY (10 minutes is good)
  • Try and relax, don’t cross your arms, don’t slouch.  Ladies – cross your ankles, not your knees.
  • Try and keep any nervous habits to a minimum.  An interviewer doesn’t want to see you scratching your head, pulling your ear, twisting your hair.  Having a pen and your resume in your left hand will help stop some of those little habits.  Remember keep your right hand clear for handshaking 🙂
  • Be prepared, how many times do you hear that.  OK, so let’s expand on that a little.


Be Prepared:

  • Take a copy of your resume with you and make sure you know what it says, without having to keep referring to it.  Remember sometimes recruiters, with your help, rewrite your resume so make sure you have a copy of the one that was sent over to the hiring company.
  • Know who you are going to meet, make sure you can pronounce their name and go over the notes you made with your recruiter and information you found out on the web about the interviewer and the company.
  • Practice your “elevator pitch”, a number of interviews will start with that famous “Tell me about yourself” question.  In 1 minute or less you want to make sure that you cover your education, your previous job highlights, your goals (especially as they relate to your job interview).  Write it down (350 words is around a minute of speaking), try not to use to many “I’s”.  It needs to be a story, not just points.


  • An interview is a two way street, so ask questions about the company.
    • “What growth do you see for the company over the next five years”,
    • “Is there the possibility of career growth”,
    • “How often are job performances performed”,
    • “What will my duties be in this job”,
    • Show your knowledge of the company by asking questions relating to the information you have discovered , ie possible growth, expansions, new products, etc.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Your recruiter should have done a practice interview with you and gone over sample questions and how to answer them.  Here are some good sample questions for the first interview http://jobsearch.about.com/od/interviewquestionsanswers/a/interviewquest.htm .
  • Give a list of questions to a family member and have them interview you.  Be concise and clear but also try and be relaxed O:)
  • Remember never be NEGATIVE about your previous company, bosses or co-workers.


LOL, ok might be the hardest thing to do especially if this is a position that you really want, but remember he WANTS to see you, he NEEDS to hire someone.  You have your foot in the door, now you just need to move into the desk.


Collect business cards or email addresses so you can send out that important “Thank You Note”.

Good luck happyfacehanddrawn


Lynne Carlson started her career off in administration, moved to Cobol Programming and for the last 14 years worked in all things recruitment.  Absolutely love social media and excited about all the new innovations appearing every day!



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