Featured Candidate: Meet Ken!

Meet Ken, an Expert Analyst for the Digital Revolution. A leader who is always pushing himself onto bigger and more challenging goals, he brings staggering confidence and determination to each of his projects.

“My work experience has allowed me to develop a strong ability in reporting and analysis. Now, I’m an expert in using a wide variety of relational database programs and scripting applications. I am always looking to understand the purpose of my work, and find ways to drive more value to the ultimate goal of my job,” says Ken

An expert Business Strategy with technical expertise in Gamification, Ken has always gravitated to leadership roles in his career. That leadership has helped him with everything from running marathons to graduating from his MBA program in the top 10% of his class.

His accomplishments don’t stop there. He completed his Performer’s ARCT in piano by the age of 15. He completed a certification in bartending and a few years ago he was involved in competitive Hip Hop Dance!

Given all this, it’s obvious that Ken has a passion and zest for life.

“Part of what makes me unique is that at first glance I may seem like a fairly technical guy who is only academically inclined. On second glance, and what often surprises people is my interests outside of the workplace, and my passion for personal development.

The academics are nothing to ignore though. His undergraduate degree was in Economics and Accounting from Wilfrid Laurier University.  He went on to get his MBA at Hult International Business school and graduated with Distinction. He didn’t stop there, and went on to do an internship where he became an expert in Gamification.

“I offered my insight and expertise on Gamificaton. The applications I helped develop are still being used today.”

During this time period he mastered giving presentations on product solutions at departmental meetings, and on business strategy in front of client executives.

From there, he became one of the point people on the development of the Rogers roaming data pass, from conception right through until launch. He was project manager, leading others in a highly technical environment while testing the products for issues in function and speed all over the US, and in various destinations in Europe.

His work experience has allowed him to develop a talent in reporting and analysis using a wide variety of relational database programs, and scripting applications.

As for the future, he is fascinated and excited by the challenges it may bring – especially in business.

“As individuals, we are constantly exposed to information and ideas through digital mediums. We have become hugely dependent on this information even, if it isn’t the most credible source.  As a business, one of the best ways to deal with this is to be upfront about the good and the bad of their products and services, giving people less ammunition to possibly slander the reputation and image of a company. I think the best way for a company to survive in the Digital age, is to be as transparent as possible,” says Ken.



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