Yes First Impressions do matter at a Job Interview

First Impressions definitely make a difference, make sure it is a positive lasting one.



First Impressions can make you or break you.  They are so important in setting the tone for the whole interview process and helping you advance to the next level.  Where once again you will be starting all over and again need to make a great “First Impression”.

jobinterviewinappropriatedress A first impression is exactly what it says.  This is the image that everyone who meets you, from the receptionist to the executive’s assistant to the interviewer, gains at first glance.  And yes it is often the first glance that sets the tone, before you even open your mouth.


Creating that first impression starts before you even leave your house:
  • what are you wearing
    • make sure it is crisp and clean, depending on the job you don’t necessarily need a suit, but dress pants/skirt and shirt (tie) are definitely the minimum.  DON’T dress provocatively.
    • don’t use too much perfume or cologne, it can be overwhelming and the interviewer may be allergic
    • make-up again keep it to the minimum, this is not a date
    • YES – clean your shoes up.  You don’t have to be able to see your face in them, but they shouldn’t be covered in dust or dirt.
One final glance in the mirror and you are on your way.  I hope you are on time, being late for an interview starts the whole process off with a negative tone before they have even seen you.  Right away you have to fight back to correct their first impression of you.
You approach the office, you puff up your chest, straighten your shoulders and you are ready to knock them off their feet !!:
  • oh gosh I need a smoke – yes it’s a bad habit, but a lot of people still smoke.  Don’t have a cigarette before the interview, if you are nervous try nicorette gum.  Whether you agree or not companies frown on smokers nowadays.  So don’t blow your chances before you even get in the door.
  • get there early enough so if you have to you can make a quick trip to the bathroom to straighten up, put your subway blown hair back together, re-tuck in your shirt.  Take a few calming breaths.
  • remember your first impression starts with the receptionist and progresses to the executive assistant before you even get into the interview.  Truthfully be on your best performance as soon as you walk in the door, the person sharing the space with you in the elevator may be the person you are being interviewed by.
  • stand tall, don’t slouch, walk with confidence
  • if you have brought a portfolio, file folder or your purse keep it in your left hand.  This leaves your hand open for that all important firm handshake


The chemistry between you and the interviewer needs to ignite right then.  Next step is to wow them with your skills.
Good Luck Job Hunting happyfacehanddrawn


Lynne Carlson started her career off in administration, moved to Cobol Programing and for the last 14 years worked in all things recruitment.  Absolutely loves social media and excited about all the new innovations appearing every day!


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