Quotes, Sayings, Ditties – do you use them?

I’m addicted, totally, 100% to quotes, sayings and ditties.  Can’t resist them whether they are on FaceBook – click Like, click share;  Twitter – favourite, retweet and my favourite Pinterest – “Pin It”.  I have boards for “Inspirational Quotes”, Family Quotes, Business Quotes.  PIN IT, PIN IT, PIN IT.


Single-handedly  I have increased 100’s, 1000’s of social media statistics.  Seriously “follow me” if you need to increase your stats.

They don’t have to be fancy, just the saying typed into twitter will get a favourite.  Add a picture of a beautiful spot and you’ll probably get a retweet and a favourite.  Animals, especially cats, although elephants are getting up there are sure to produce a feeding frenzy, retweet, favourite, reply, share, like, comment, PIN IT, PIN IT, PIN IT.


OK seriously, I’m probably not totally that excited about quotes (such a liar lol), but I am amazed at how they seem to have taken over the world.

They are in my house and office.  Doesn’t matter what room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – they all work.  And the amazing thing is as I walk around these rooms, I read them and they make me smile or they remind me of someone special.



As much as I like to think I’m an “original”, just go to Google and type in quotes.  Check out the stats below, I can’t even picture these numbers.  I thought it was a typo, no there are millions upon millions of sites and references to quotes on google.  LOL you are sure to find one you will like.  It’s amazing that we come up with anything original with all the sayings out there.



Check out my slideshare for some of my personal favourites.  As I also love taking pictures, then the fun part is finding the right quote to go with the right picture.


Enjoy and join the crowd, get on the bandwagon ….. start “quoting”!!!!


Lynne Carlson started her career off in administration, moved to Cobol Programing and for the last 14 years worked in all things recruitment.  Absolutely loves social media and excited about all the new innovations appearing every day!



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