Featured Job: Data Architect

The world is changing faster than ever in the Digital Revolution, and companies and employees together are struggling to keep up. Our client, a leader who is known for their exceptional services, values and trust is making amazing strides and transformations in this changing landscape.

They have an opportunity for a Data Architect who can help them through this transition.

This Data Architect must be someone who can quickly understand the functions and capabilities of new digital landscapes. They must also have the determination and the dedication to sell the architecture process, to facilitate the evaluation of digital standards, and to be as reliable, proactive and customer focused as the company they will be working for

The ideal candidate has experience in data modeling and architecture.  Big Data (namely Hadoop) and related technologies are skills you will need in your portfolio.  Ideally, they are familiar with design, development and maintenance of backend services, and in working on business experience with customer information.

This is a permanent position, and any candidates selected will be kept busy for a long while.

Our client has been a Canadian institution for 60 years, and they have the staying power to go for decades more. On top of that, they are leaders in their area of expertise, and have captured a huge part of the market. You could be a part of this exceptional company that defines what service, value and trust mean to the consumer.

If you’re an innovator or a builder who is looking to put their own stamp on things, this company is just what you’re looking for.





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