Featured Candidate: Meet Cumhur

Meet Cumhur, a expert in data and customer analytics for the Digital Revolution. A worldly self-starter who is continuously bettering himself, he brings both ingenuity and problem solving to each of his projects.

“I like to think my ingenuity, problem solving and process improvement are my biggest strengths,” said Cumhur.
Adept in economics with experience in business growth, Cumhur has always gravitated to challenging roles in his career. That drive has helped him with everything from immigrating to Canada, to graduating 3rd of his class among 300 plus students.

His accomplishments don’t stop there. He is a talented artist, with two of his pieces published in Existere Magazine by York University. Generous as well, he participated in a Data Marathon organized by Data for Good and UNICEF.

Given all this, it’s obvious that Cumhur is always willing to push himself to be better.

“I enjoyed a relatively comfortable life in Istanbul, so immigrating to Canada and leaving my parents behind was a remarkably tough decision. But it’s one that I am proud of today,” said Cumhur.

His academics are nothing to ignore though. His undergraduate degree was in Economics from the University of Istanbul, Faculty of Economics. He went on to get a major in finance and a minor in consulting from the Richard Ivey School of Business. He didn’t stop there, and went on to be one of 20 selected out of 3000 to work for Turkey Is Bank, the largest commercial bank in Turkey.

“I made several suggestions for opportunities with regard to process improvement and new products and services. In return, I was offered a six month assignment in their IT department before my first year was over. I was one of the first ever offered this position so quickly.”

Cumhur is also an entrepreneur. He managed to save a private college in distress in Northern Ontario by getting it break even. Then he sold the school to a local with several other businesses.

“I have no other entrepreneurs in my family, so I was proud to have the courage to take the plunge and save a business from closing. More importantly, I stopped four employees from losing their jobs.”

His work experience has allowed him to develop a skill set that combines both financial and data analytics.

As for the future, he is fascinated and excited by the challenges it may bring – especially in business.

“Thanks to recent advancements in digital technologies, today we are more interconnected to each other than ever in human history. What we eat, where we travel or shop, what we buy, and our hobbies; now it’s possible to track and size everything we do in our daily lives. On one hand it means less and less privacy, but on the other hand it constitutes a treasure trove for customer and predictive analytics for individuals and companies who strive to turn that data into actionable information for their business.”


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