Featured Job: Innovator

The digital revolution is bringing ground shaking changes to the Canadian economy. For many companies and individuals, it is difficult to keep their footing in the wake of these changes. Our client is known for their powerful innovations in driving forward Canadian Capital markets. They are making amazing strides and are helping define this changing landscape.

They have an opportunity for an innovator with a passion for the digital revolution. This candidate must be able to look to the challenges that the future may bring, and help the company through this transition.

This innovator must be someone who can quickly understand the functions and capabilities of new digital landscapes. He or she must also have the determination and the dedication to refocus the Canadian markets, to enhance confidence in the Canadian economy, and to be as proactive and effective as the company they will be working for.

The ideal candidate has experience in the financial services industry. Economic aptitude and related trading technologies are skills you will need in your portfolio. Ideally, candidates are familiar with entrepreneurial environments and are comfortable taking the initiative for quality and productivity.

This is a permanent position, and any candidates selected will be kept busy for a long while.

Our client has been a Canadian institution for over two decades, and they have the staying power to go for decades more. On top of that, they are experts in transforming possibilities into opportunities and have only grown in size and sophistication. You could be a part of this exceptional company that is making a difference in the lives of Canadians.

If you’re an innovator or a builder who is looking to put your own stamp on things, this company is just what you’re looking for.








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