Tesla Motors and how technology is influencing the Automotive Industry

Technology is not only the talk of mobile device lovers, but it also has significantly changed the landscape for how industries interact with their customers.

Looking to the automotive industry, there is a plethora of companies looking to make their mark on the future today. No one company is further along those lines than Tesla motors.

Think of any modern device that you are pining for. Tesla motors has just entered the hot list of products on wish lists – (with 4 wheels and an environment fit for a king). A quintessential tech buffs dream with a future so bright it could be classified as its own innovative energy source.

Technology seems to be sitting in the centre as an answer to a lot of problems. More often than not, those problems refer to the gas guzzling, environment killing emission bombs known as automobiles.

The automotive industry has been under fire for quite some time as to what it will do to make sure that the future is sustainable.

What answers have technology provided for making cars sustainable?

Pure electric brilliance! Tesla Motors has arrived to rule this space and provide one of the most beautiful cars seen on the roads today while doing it.

Image courtesy of http://www.autoblog.com

The previous greatest impact technology had on cars was around the 60’s when computers made the entrance to consumer vehicles, and were used to monitor things like manifold pressure, engine temperature, and to turn on and off the distributor for fuel injectors on German cars made in the USA.

Noting that at the time technology here was used only as a way to make a mechanics lives easier by making the vehicles more reliable, to increase power, and to help keep the engines running smoothly- No talk of fuel efficiency yet.

It wasn’t until oil crises, multiple recessions, and the Global Warming Crisis of the modern age that technology has been used as a saviour to this industry; as something to reply with as answer to “what the heck have they been doing all these years?”

Technology allowed us to develop new materials that are lighter and stronger and therefore capable of being moved by the smaller less powerful engines that now run them, which in turn helped to create the compact and sub-compact and fuel sipping hybrid segments seen today.


But let’s circle back; barring a discussion over what technology was really doing for the industry (increasing profits!)

Technology has now taken another leap via Tesla Motors as the company reinvents the concept of sports cars, family sedans, and soon to arrive SUV’s and affordable vehicles for the everyday person. They do this by taking the stance of a pure electric vehicle that is so technology inclined that one day it may be these cars who drive us and not the other way around.  This is what technology is or at least what it should be, it’s a game changer- but only when it is embraced and incubated with new methodologies designed specifically for it.

Tesla has shown the industry what it needed to do, to start over from the beginning and create something that not only makes you feel better about your impact on the environment, but that also gets your heart pumping just by looking at it. Needless to say this has changed the very fabric of what the industry is all about, as all companies are now under the looking glass of not just governments and regulators, but the public and its perception of what is in it for them.

Check out this awesome Tesla infographic via Visual Capitalist.

Infographic Tesla

As Tesla continues to grow and offer more to the public, people will begin to question what it means to buy an inexpensive vehicle. Those questions will involve not just purchasing costs,  but also the cost to run the day to day lives we all lead and the impact of doing it.

The technology in these vehicles allows us to look to other vehicles with luxury, power, and a zero emission impact as we drive them.  The impact of technology on the automotive scene has been long and misused, but with Tesla technology is at the forefront of what they do and who they are. They call to light what the industry should do and what can be done as a result of the technologies available to us today and give light to what will be done with what may be available to us tomorrow.

Technology has changed the paradigm and the culture of the automotive industry because of the use of them by companies like Tesla who is an, if not the, automotive game-changer that designs vehicles of the future, today.


Devon is our newest Associate Recruiter at Planet4IT, and in addition to being a car fanatic, he is all about being healthy. Whether its business or personal, he knows how to keep everything in the best shape it can be.

Finishing his second degree in Business Management this fall, he’s focusing on our subdivision P4Capital, developing and organizing our own personal database of all the markets.

If you have any questions about marketing, finance, analytics, or health give him a call.

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