Featured Candidate: Meet Rob

Meet Rob, a Computer Programmer for the Digital Revolution. A determined leader who is fascinated with technology, he brings both passion and creativity to each of his projects.

“You’re never too old to try something new. You finish with your education and you think you’re done and your metaphorical house is built but no, than comes  renovation after renovation – that’s how I look at life as a whole personally and professionally,” said Rob.

Adept in computer programming, Rob has always gravitated to opportunities that meld the human experience with technology. The knowledge he has gained has helped him with everything from being a champion Italian track star, to being a Web Developer with Ganz.

His accomplishments don’t stop there. He was a team lead at Ganz during the Webkinz craze, is a father of two, and just completed his first gig as a DJ.

Given all this, it’s obvious that Rob has a real passion and zest for life, and where technology can take him.

“My career has been quite an accomplishment. I’ve worked for some really cool companies and my resume is strong and speaks for itself. In the companies I’ve worked with I’ve done a lot of good work and everyone has been happy about that,” said Rob.

His academics are nothing to ignore either. He is a graduate with honours from the prestigious Bachelor of Math and Computer Sciences Program at Waterloo University. He didn’t stop there, and went on place second in a fourth year CG course for C++ and OpenGL in a 3D Brick Breaker Game, spending more time in the computer labs than back in his room, but he said it was all worth it in the end.

“I think my degree is pretty respectable, and being a Waterloo graduate is something I am very proud of. I went through their computer science program within the Math Department, and it definitely wasn’t for the faint of heart.”

Rob is also a very proud father. He has managed to develop a robust skill set while raising two children.

“I was once told being a dad is probably the only thing worth doing in life; that everything else is subjective to a degree. But objectively being a father yields many rewards. I love and respect my kids and the challenges of raising them – the challenges of modern day parenting are like no other in time. Technology is changing so quickly, as are our social dynamics with each other and with our kids. When in history has a parent texted his daughter to tell her to come home for dinner? My wife and I are doing the best we can, and so far the kids are growing up to be pretty great little people.”

His work experience has allowed him to develop a skill set that combines technical computer programming skills with effective human communication.

As for the future, he is fascinated and excited by the challenges it may bring – especially in business.

“We’re still trying to figure out how to incorporate all this technology into what’s fundamentally important. Technology is wonderful and we’re moving in the right direction. I’m very excited about everything that’s coming and how we can incorporate the human experience into that.”


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