Featured Candidate: Meet Murray

Our Featured candidate, Murray, is a Senior Developer, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He has expertise in pricing and trading of a variety of instruments, including government bonds, swaps and FX products.  Lately he has been working in hedging of FX positions.

His bond pricing experience has included servers that perform yield curve construction, and servers that use those yield curves for pricing the dependent bonds.

He is fluent in C++, including STL and Boost, in Linux environments.  He also has had exposure to C#.

With a broad and proven record in the technology sector, he is able to combine this with his extensive experience of the Capital market space. He had taken significant roles within large projects that have delivered profitable results for some of the largest investment banks on the planet.

Though he has a lot of core development experience, math and finance are also interests.  An ideal job for Murray would be one that provides technical challenges, but that also makes use of his interest in finance and ability to interact with traders and other business people.  With this combination he could make a significant contribution to any finance / IT project.


Want to be a featured candidate yourself? Send us a message on our LinkedIn group, here or on Twitter @pfourdigital



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