Resume spelling mistakes, only caught with proofreading

Spell check is an amazing tool, but it has made us all very lackadaisical about proofreading our resumes.  Here are a few of my favourite errors that spell check does NOT pick up.

  • Implemented enchantments to the Customer Billing System.   As much as I would like to think that there are developers out there who use enchantments to update their systems, I am pretty sure the word was supposed to be enhancements
  • After 2 years was put in-change of the …  this one should definitely be in-charge.  
  • Updated widows on 20 desktops.  Sounds interesting, hopefully they meant windows
  • 20 years experience on Linus.   When doing a key word search for Linux this resume won’t get picked up.
  • Over night years of experience.  Yes this is supposed to be eight.
  • Perfumed team member reviews.  Let’s Perform those reviews instead
Some of my other favourite errors include:
  • Preformed or Performed
  • Manger or Manager
  • Onside or Onsite
  • Senor or Senior
  • Revolve or Resolve
  • Leaching or Teaching
It is especially important to go over your key words in the resume and cover letter.  Companies scan for these words, if they aren’t correct then they won’t get picked up by the ATS (Automatic Tracking System).  Humans might ignore some of these errors but ATS systems won’t.  They just scan and reject.
No one likes proofreading and it is easy to miss something you have written.  You tend to skim more than actually proofread so this is when family and friends come in.  Ask them to ready (oops read) it and if they aren’t sure to ask you for clarification.
Would love to hear about your favourite spelling mistakes.
Good Job Hunting O:)

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