What roles are needed for a company to thrive in the digital revolution – Part 3

Part 3 of our series

Let’s continue on with the newest installment in looking at digital positions.  The Digital Revolution is upon us.  As organizations start to build out their front office technology teams, there are many different skills and positions that are needed.

Let’s keep the list the same for now:

Social Media

User Experience (UX)

User Interface (UI)

Web Programmers

Graphic Designers

Data Scientists

Data Analysts

Digital Business Analysts

Digital Strategists

Digital Architects

Web Analytics



Real-Time Database Administrators

CRM Implementers


To recap; If you want to be part of a winning front-office digital team you need to always keep in mind the purpose of your position; to drive sales, full stop.

This week we look at the Digital Architects, Digital PM’s, Web Analytics (again) and RT Database Administrators.

Digital Architects


Digital Architects:  Architects in technology come in many different forms (solution, data, application etc…) but in the digital world the term architect is largely used to indicate someone who can incorporate the front office systems into the middleware and enterprise systems of large organizations.  This is a very important skill that allows the sales and marketing teams to connect with the technology infrastructure teams.  Ultimately it aids in revenue generation by streamlining the processes of an organization.

Digital Project Managers


Digital Project Mangers:  The nature of front office projects, compared to traditional IT projects, is that they generally involve a more co-operative team environment.  Not only do you need developers and testers but you might need artists, user experience and web analysts or more.  As a result THE key skill of a digital PM is the ability to be a strong scrum master who knows how to be a gatekeeper not just a facilitator.

Web Analytics


Web Analytics:  We talked about web analytics in edition 1 but it is worth revisiting as it can be such an inclusive title.  One of the more detailed roles within this broader category is using the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.  Experts in Adobe or their competitors’ digital marketing tools can find themselves looking at potentially ludicrous contract opportunities.  The digital marketing suite allows for many things such as

Real Time Data Architects and Administrators


Real Time Data Architects and Administrators:  This is the one “Digital” position that probably is still being paid for by the IT department but is of critical importance to the success of digital departments.  Databases such as Hadoop that allow for data to be stored in such a way that it can be used in real time provide a significant advantage to front-office teams.   The people who understand how to setup and run data centres using these technologies are empowering the analytic and data science teams of the front office to perform their roles to the utmost of their capabilities.

That’s it for part 3, we will take a look at a few more positions in coming weeks.  Remember if your position reports to the CMO, CDO or VP of Sales, the value you provide to an organization is in some way related to increasing sales and revenue!

Andrew is one of the newest members of Planet4IT, but he brings with him a fresh new perspective.

With one eye on the job market and the other on the IT world, he’s the man to go to for information on how the latest advancements in Data, Digital Marketing and Social Media are affecting business.

Andrew encourages you to reach out to him through not only telephone or email, but LinkedIn and Twitter as well




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