What did 2014 bring to the Digital world? P4Digital investigates

Happy New Year listeners and welcome to 2015! In honour of the new year, The P4Digital Executive team will be examining what 2014 brought to the Digital World, and what 2015 might change.

Stay tuned and enjoy


Amanda: We are P4Digital, and we are all about the digital revolution. Happy New Year Listeners, and welcome to the first round table discussion for 2015. In this episode our executive team looks back on major digital developments in 2014. Then they turn their gaze to tomorrow and the rest of the year to speculate on what 2015 might bring to the Digital world. Stay tuned and enjoy. 

Andrew: Alright, so on today’s Podcast we’re going to talk about the Digital trends in job recruitment in 2014, and as we look forward into 2015, anticipating the skills in 2015 that are going to be the most desired.  So for me, I saw in 2014 a rapid increase in cyber security roles, and I think that’s because as Digital infiltrates the front office the marketing and sales teams have all sorts of valuable and sensitive information that at all times has to be protected to ensure the company’s security and integrity. Not only is digital about people with good aesthetic sense, it’s also about money. And when it comes to money you have to make sure your cyber security experts are protecting your financial information at all times, so the CISSP certificate I think will continue to gain value as the digital world gets more digital.

Ashley: So for me, in 2014 I saw a rise in Social Media manager jobs, that being even in the educational systems, a lot of schools are offering a major in social media and programs related to it. In the market I’ve seen that there is a rise. Also, I’m seeing with companies they’re using newsworthy events to help promote the brand through social media. For example, there was when the Super bowl went and had a black out, Oreo came up with a social media marketing initiative that literally said ‘you can still dunk Oreos in milk in the dark.

Harnoor: So as a growing trend I’ve seen people of today are more visual and techie than they were in past generations. As such we’ve seen a large influx in web developer roles as well as art director roles because we’ve been exposed to the internet and such so much that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t connected in one way or another. Now turning to 2015, I assume we’re going to be seeing more and more UX and Art Director roles coming about, where aesthetic sense and enterprise website reinvigoration are the key skills.

James: And really following up on what Harnoor was just seeing, we’re going to continue to see the era of the mobile phone and tablet continue to take over. And really, on the back-end of that businesses and enterprises are going to need the skill sets to continue to develop what are very sophisticated applications in the background, but easier to use and more effective on the front end for their organizations to make transactions, and drive awareness about their brands.  I think when you look at the statistics for next year, you’re expecting to see the biggest job growth in technology and creative marketing, but following that you’re also seeing the biggest salary increases. And that really points to the fact that there’s a gap in skills, and those people you’re going to see being more in demand than in other professions.

Andrew: That was an excellent point by James, just kind of further extrapolating on that, 2015 I think, is going to be the rise of the digital sales person. You see it now with all sorts of websites that you go to where the second that you log on, a little pop up thing pops up and it says “how may I help you with this?” Or “I see you’re interested in continuing your education, can I speak to you?” And so the ability for companies to interact with people digitally and convert them into sales instantaneously rather than later through a targeted marketing campaign I think is going to be one of the biggest trends you’ll see in 2015. And the people who have the skills necessary to make that happen, are still your traditional sales guys and girls of the world, who have just been brought up in at atmosphere and environment that is digitally friendly.

Ashley: Based on your point, since there’s going to be a huge push for people to convert instantaneously, there’s going to be a need for more sales reps, right, to push out more services. It’s going to be good for the sales rep who needs a job, but not so good for digital or direct marketers who have to train them.

Andrew: Who are the people who integrate your sales people with your digital people, if they are two different things? It’s the biggest organizational challenge that there is right now. You’ve got all sorts of new hot shot sales people saying I can do this better if I do it digitally, and you’ve got organizations saying just pick up the phone and do it the way we’ve been doing it for centuries. And the people who can make those two things mesh are the people who are really going to be valued in 2015.

James: And that also points to one of the biggest challenges in internal discussions that businesses are going to have to have. Is it social media, or is it unsocial media? At what point are you going to let your automated systems deal with your potential client or potential customer, and at what point are you going to have your interactions actually taken over by human beings? We’re obviously increasingly in not just business but social situations, seeing people handling their relationships online but the reality is relationships will always be human to human. So when businesses are looking at their process and trying to figure out how they’re going to handle their various stake holders, then that’s also going to help them point towards what types of people they’re going to need going into 2015, and I think that’s really where you’re going to see a lot of competition as businesses figure that process out. Those that take an early lead will obviously have a significant advantage.

Harnoor: Speaking to automation and moving to the digital world rather than sticking with the old traditional face to face method, or picking up the telephone and giving someone a call method of making says and what not. A new organization by the name of Switch has come out with an application similar to Tinder. Basically what happens is an employer goes on the application and posts a job posting as anonymous, and anonymously users like you and I go onto the app and if they find a role that’s of interest of them, you swipe left to start a conversation with whoever the employer may be, and you hit it off from there.

Ashley: People are using Tinder also to gain followers on their Instagram. Because they’ll just post their Instagram handle and say oh, let’s not talk on Tinder just follow me on Instagram. As an account manager, I think that that’s a huge bottleneck. I mean, every time that there’s a slowdown in proposing a candidate, to interview and even getting feedback, you always have to wait for multiple entities to give their opinion on if they want to move forward or not. With this social media platform that’s very similar to Tinder that Switch has come up with, I think if they can overcome this successfully, they’ll eliminate lag time probably exponentially. Just because I find in my own book of business and the way I operate, that’s always the downtime, it’s always waiting for feedback. If it’s instantaneous, I think that’s a great advantage.

James: So we’ll continue to see lots and lots of new concepts and ways of doing things. And then, really,  with something like the new Switch app, the bottom line is going to be you’re still going to be required to meet the person and the person’s going to obviously want to experience the culture of the organization. Yeah, we’ll continue to see processes accelerated by technology, and people that can build those technologies are obviously going to be the hottest and most in demand.

Andrew: 2014 is come and gone, 2015 is just around the corner; if you are a digital marketing professional and you are looking for a new job, your skills are in demand get in contact with P4Digital today.

Amanda: Amanda: That was the P4Digital executive team discussing developments in 2014 and speculating on what 2015 might bring. Join the conversation – we have a brand new websites that makes it easier than ever before. Check it out at http://www.planet4it.com Thanks and see you next time. 


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