It Begins – Ping Pong Diplomacy Planet Style!


Ping Pong Diplomacy


Who will be the ruler of the Planet?

Planet4IT is having a Ping Pong Tournament!
Come see your favourite staff member win or get clobbered!
We will be posting the matches, the winners and the losers here everyday!


First to 11 points wins
First to serve is determined by a rally where the ball must pass over the net three times.
Each individual serves five times, then alternates with their opponent.
Each match consists of 3 games. The victor is determined by whoever gets the best 2 out of 3.
You have to win by two points
Whenever the other player has match point you get to serveMATCH POINT: When one player is one oint away from victory.


  Forrest Gump

     King Pong




The remaining matches for the next week are as followsThursday: Ashley VS HarnoorFriday: Jeremy VS Andrew
Lou VS AndreMonday: Nadine VS Mary Grace
Archana VS Jim

Tuesday: Shaheerah VS Rose

The matches for the next week will be announced next Wednesday.


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