Photography – A Trip down Memory Lane edit

Family Day weekend in Ontario, -20C with windchills closer to -40C, the ground is covered with ice and snow.  Definitely not going outside other than for food.  I started painting the trim in my hallway but you can only do that for so long without finding your hand stuck in the claw position.  What’s happening in the family room – tv’s on – curling, hockey, the Fan590 – seriously.  I’d rather paint.  OK next favourite room my computer room (aka office Monday to Friday) – time for a little cleanup.  What is under all that dust, it’s my scanner – I thought I had lost it.  OK this is a perfect day to start scanning in all those pictures I have in a cabinet upstairs.

Not all of these pictures are mine, the ones from the early 1900’s I stole off grandparents and parents.  There are even a couple that are on cardboard and there are a number of people I don’t know who they are and there’s no one alive to remind me.  As I looked at the number of albums I have from the 1970’s to 2002 I almost decided to go back to painting.  Nope  this is happening today.  Turn on some tunes and I open my first book.  Memories come flooding back of loved ones, events and places.  I am now fully enthralled with my project.  It’s going to take longer than I thought (might take years :)).

It’s amazing too think that my grandparents generation did NOT own cameras.  If they wanted a picture they went to a professional and had a portrait done (before that they had to hire an artist to paint it).  As I started going through my pictures, memories of my first cameras came flooding back.

3 of these cameras were before memory cards.  Yes they took film, either cartridges or spools.  Was there anything more embarrassing than going to pick up your pictures at Blacks and being told that the spool had never been used and you had 12 blank pictures.  Yes you could only take 12, 24 or 36 pictures at a time.  You had to buy the film and pay for each print.  There was no taking 5 pictures of your freshly painted toenails.  The film was too expensive for anything other than special events and trips.


Memory cards were introduced in 1997, my first camera with a memory card was also my first Nikon – the memory card was 8MB, it didn’t take me long to realize I needed bigger cards, the 64mb cost me around $100 back then.  My newest Nikon (and the love of my life) holds 2 32GB cards.  They sell for $22 each at Staples.  32GB that is so much bigger than my first computer I would need a mathematician to figure it out.

From 1970 to 2002 my pictures were  kept in albums or boxes.  The excitement that passed through my house when the albums with the plastic covers came out and we could get rid of those little black corners that kept falling off.  (Yes I started using them again when I went through my scrapbooking phrase :)).  Imagine my chagrin when I started scanning these pictures and realized that they were stuck to the sticky page forever.  I now had to scan whole sheets at a time – grrrr – it affected the quality of the scan – grrr.  So much for a new invention.


The above pictures are just a sampling of how many pictures I have.  The big question now is what to do with all these books and photographs.  My siblings and I fought over our parents stash (it helped that it fit in a rubbermaid container).  My kids are fighting over who HAS to take them.  Imagine how excited they will be when I hand them a USB port with a sampling of all my pictures or by the time I finish scanning they may just be floating up in the cloud.

My largest stash of pictures are of my husband and children.  I’m at that in-between stage now where they don’t like their picture taken, so I am constantly following my cats around with my camera or my phone clicking them doing things only cats do.


Travelling and blogging are now my favourite pastimes.  The 2 go together almost as good as PB & J.  The price of blowing pictures up has decreased so much and the quality of printer you can have in your own home makes your home your own little art gallery.  Nothing makes me happier as I glance around my home seeing holiday pictures blown up on my walls.  Memories are everywhere.  Photography might be the biggest growing hobby, everywhere you go there are people taking pictures either with their cell phones (wow the quality is amazing) or with the digital cameras.  It used to be only professional photographers had zoom lenses and tripods, etc.  Not anymore, there are photographers everywhere.  So as you walk around Toronto, if you aren’t taking pictures, keep smiling because someone has probably snapped a picture of you.

I’m constantly going on google typing “How do I” or “What is” and up pops the answer.  Would love to hear from you about what your favourite photography tip is?



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