Staff Showcase

Staff Showcase: Andrew

Andrew brings a fresh new perspective here at Planet4IT.

With one eye on the job market and the other on the IT world, he’s the man to go to for information on how the latest advancements in Data, Digital Marketing and Social Media are affecting business.

Andrew encourages you to reach out to him through not only telephone or email, but LinkedIn and Twitter as well



Newsletter for June 16

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Staff Showcase: Meet Devon

Meet Devon

Our newest Associate Recruiter at Planet4IT is all about being healthy. Whether its business or personal, he knows how to keep everything in the best shape it can be.

Finishing his second degree in Business Management this fall, he’s focusing on our subdivision P4Capital, developing and organizing our own personal database of all the markets.

If you have any questions about marketing, finance, analytics, or health give him a call.

He can be found in the office from 10-6 Monday to Friday and be reached through both Telephone or Email.



Staff Showcase: Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is our own personal jet setter here at Planet4IT! Having lived everywhere from South Africa to Italy to Toronto, he understands how economies and business operate worldwide.

Having been at Planet4IT since 2006, he has shot up the ranks with astounding speed. He started off as a recruiter before moving to client development and account management, and is now spearheading the launch of P4Capital, our new division focussed solely on the technology needs of the Financial Services Sector.

If you’re looking for someone to help you out within the areas of Financial Services, Capital Markets or Wealth Management, you don’t have to search any further, because Jeremy has searched worldwide!


Staff Showcase: Meet Rose

Rose’s passion for people and technology has made her an excellent employee at Planet4IT.=

She helps people achieve their dream opportunities by helping them find both fulltime and contract IT positions across both Canada and the U.S.

She’s still doing this today. If you need help, Rose is the woman to talk to.



Staff Showcase: Meet Archana

Meet Archana!



Archana has been at Planet4IT for years, and she knows the ropes. Be it understanding the client or a candidate, she truly believes in investing the time to get to know them better.

Whether it is big corporations or small fast paced environments,  she knows who the right fit for the right job is.

Truly a people person, one of her favourite topics is consumer behaviour and it shows in her friendly personality!

An expert in Finance, Social media and how technology is changing Healthcare, you can chat with her yourself at Planet4IT.



Staff Showcase: Nadine

Nadine is one of the original members and owners of Planet4IT, and has watched the company become something great.
She is the Chief Financial officer here, and her hard work ensures everything is kept in tip top shape.
Another role she has is to help companies find the top talent out there.
Her track record speaks for itself.
Nadine can be reached through email, or by calling Planet4IT



Staff Showcase: Ashley

P4Digital Staff Showcase:
Ashley is a veteran here at Planet4IT, and her time here has made her an expert in how companies are adapting to changing technology.

If you’re looking for a new fit in a new era, she’s the one to talk to – especially if your company is in the Financial,Consulting or Technology industry.

Ashley is always by her phone, and encourages you to give her a call at Planet4IT, or by email if you would prefer