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Staff Showcase: Meet Harnoor

Another one of our members here at Planet4IT is Harnoor Sidhu. A recent Ryerson University graduate, he is an expert on new technologies and advancements that are just appearing on the horizon.

A hard worker, Harnoor has never skipped, been late or dropped a single class through his entire University career. He brings that same determination and dedication to everyone and every project he works on.

He’s also a bit of a movie buff – so whether you want to chat about a career change, or just about the latest Sundance movie, he’s the man to talk to.

You can reach Harnoor by calling Planet4IT, his email or his LinkedIn page.





Staff Showcase: Meet Shaheerah

One of our talent members here at Planet4IT is Shaheerah Kayani. She brings with her a fresh new perspective of the latest technologies being used in both business and leisure.

She’s learning the ropes quickly here, and is set to soon take the Capital world by storm. With one eye on the job market and the other on the latest and greatest people, she’s the woman to go to for information on Job Search Strategies, Professional Resume Writing and Profile identification.

Shaheerah encourages you to give her a call here at Planet4IT, or if you prefer, to connect with her on LinkedIN for all of your placement needs.