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Digital Strategist



Digital Project Management:

The nature of front office projects compare to traditional IT projects is one that generally involves a more co-operative project.

Not only do you need developers and testers but you might need artists, user experience and web analysts or more.

As a result THE key skill of a digital PM is the ability to be a strong scrum master who knows how to be a gatekeeper not just a facilitator.







Data Scientist – Infographic

Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist


Digital Strategist:  There is still a lot of pushback from companies regarding embarking on digital campaigns and most of this derives from a lack of understandable direction.  The front office loves quantifiable measures (If I call 100 people I will get 10 meetings and 2 sales) and the digital universe isn’t setup to be conducive to quantifying results.  That is where the digital strategist comes in.  They are the purveyor of all things actionable and can translate what a business needs into a measurable digital strategy.





Data Scientist – Infographic

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The most mysterious of all positions.  The ability to write algorithms that find relationships in datasets is only usable if it provides actionable insight.
Consumer behaviour analysis allows front offices to better predict what and when consumers are buying. Data science provides the raw information that allows that to happen.

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Planet Competency Encyclopedia

What Makes Effective Workers?

Top talent depends more on innate characteristics and behaviour patterns than on learned skills, acquired knowledge and experience.

Our father company Planet4IT has developed a Competency Encyclopedia that contains an exhaustive list of 48 well-understood competencies, organized into 5 major categories.

Check out the Infographic below for a summary!

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